Change starts with a manifesto

Manifestos are a great way to define and declare your intentions, values and vision. Not only can you put your thoughts ideas and goals in finite and fixed words - but you can also invite others to share them or to hold you to them. Manifestos are everywhere, each one pushing or pulling a different idea or viewpoint – but they can seem remote, pretentious. I believe the wrting of personal and group manifestos to be an important way forward, because they empower each and everyone to put out there what we want to do, how we’re going to do it. They help us inspire each other in work, in love in play, and define what makes us different. When we write them as a group, they act as affirmations of shared values and intent.

The most effective manifestos are provocative, pithy and somewhat poetic: expressions of desire and will that continue to have an effect long after they were written. Some of them continue to evolve - over time and geographical distance.

Historically, many manifestos have been produced as printed pamphlets, and distributed freely. Manifesto authors have since expanding their reach though posters, books, work of arts - or by action. Modern media and networks make it even easier to share our values, - but the proliferation of media and messages can make it harder to be heard.

By gathering  and collecting manifestos in one place it is hoped that we can cut through the noise a little - and make them eaiser to find and share.Please sign up and add your favourite manifesto inspirations and quotes, and if you yourself have created have a manifesto, whatever shape it takes, please add it here.

It’s time for us all to have a manifesto - and to live by it.